Books Have Feelings Too!

Photo from Sora

When I read, I sometimes get lost in the book. I like seeing through the character’s eyes, experiencing what is happening to them and feeling what emotions they are being faced with. When I set down a book a few minutes later, I thought: who was I just with? Like I was with an actual human, like I was with a friend. I read because it makes me see a whole new side to a story. It’s fun to be in the story with the characters and not just looking at a page. Most recently I read The Witch, the Sword and the Cursed Knights. When the character had an encounter with a monster I felt like it was happening to me. This book was so good it actually made me feel like I was in the scene.

If anyone asks me what is your favorite book? I will immediately reply without any hesitation: Keeper of the Lost Cities. When I first picked up this book I was not very excited to read it. I had gotten it as a book recommendation from my friend. She said it was her favorite book and wanted me to read it so we could talk about the book together. When I started reading Keeper of the Lost Cities I could not stop. Soon I was on the 8th book and my friend was still on the 6th. This book made me realize that I’m more into fantasy than I thought.

When I finish reading a book I am sad, like my friend just moved away. Every time I spend about a week without a book to read. I usually ask my friends for recommendations. At first I am always hesitant about reading a new book recommended by my friend, but soon I can’t stop reading and get pulled into the story. When I am done reading it I recommend it to my friends hoping they will love the book as much as I did.

Window or Mirror

Recently I read Scarlet and Ivy. This book is realistic fiction. This story is about a twin who is asked to take the place at school of the other twin. When the twin gets to the school she is greeted by a tragedy. I loved reading this book and seeing the world from another perspective. For me this book is a window. A window book is a book that you do not relate to as if you are seeing through another’s eyes or a window. A mirror book is as if you are looking through your own eyes or a mirror into the story, in other words, you have a lot in common with the character. For this book, I do not have a lot in common with the main character so for me it is a window. For example, I am not a twin and do not go to boarding school, nor do I have a personality the same as any of the characters. Though I am the same age as the characters, that is not enough to make me see the book through my own eyes. I honestly like window books better, being able to see inside one’s mind is an adventure.

My Journey to Singapore Part 1

  • When I think of traveling I always think of exotic places, either tropical or snowy. Until a year ago I had never been anywhere exotic. I have been to New Hampshire year after year every summer. When the summer of 2022 came I was ready to go somewhere exotic, somewhere new, somewhere not in the US. But as summer passed by my hopes faded. I’m not saying my summer was boring, it was one of my favorites but I had really been wanting to go somewhere new. If you see where my text is going you are probably predicting that at the end of summer I would go on this big vacation at the end of the summer except that did not happen. School came and I was stuck with only 2 day breaks in between school days. Some few weeks later I heard that my dad was going on a work trip… to Singapore! And this time my mom and I were going! HOORAY! Just one problem. It was in November. I know that does not seem like a problem but you don’t get it. It was over Thanksgiving break. DUN DUN DUNNNN!! About two months passed and it was almost Thanksgiving break. When I say almost I mean 1 day away! I could not wait any longer. Just one problem I was missing a day of school but not just any day I was missing the last day of fine arts. Meaning that I was going to miss the big end of trimester party with cupcakes! NOO! I tried to forget about that though as I packed my bags and headed to a new country.


14 hours later…


I’m still not there but… I AM in Japan! Well the airport at least. I actually never went out of the airport but I did redo my part, get a drink that I had never heard of from the vending machine (Pocari Sweat) and take a look at the rest rooms. I know I know that sounds really gross but Japan is known for their bathrooms. Even in the airport they were the nicest I have ever seen. And the toilets looked like something out of a graphic novel. After a 4 hour layover we went back on a plane heading for Singapore.

2 hours later on the plane


My iPad screen goes black. MY IPAD IS DEAD!! 


8 hours left…

8 hours later the plane is on the ground


As we walk to get the luggage at the carousel I notice that there is a waterfall in the airport! We get our bags and head to where our driver waits for us. A driver, I know I’m fancy. As we drive out of the airport, I realize what the airport that I was just in looked like. It looked really similar to the Epcot dome at night. 


When we get to the hotel what I find amazes me. I got my own room! Right next to my parents of course. And the view, oh my gosh it was amazing! Even at night! I went to bed knowing that the next day was going to be one of the best in my life.


Camp Kirkwood

When the bus started I had some mixed feelings. I wasn’t  scared or nervous about camp… but I was scared and nervous about the storm. The ENORMOUS storm. That was making its way up to North Carolina. Everything looked clear blue skies, white fluffy clouds all was good for now… just kidding! 

When we got to Camp Kirkwood it was raining. Not light but not hard. There were puddles everywhere. Wet,dirty and not dry (so wet). Our cabins were spacious but the floors were immediately tracked with sand and mud. The texture made everything stick. We claimed our bunks and headed off to the dining hall. When my cabin arrived every advisory had already filled every table. There was not enough room for everyone. Oh no! I got separated from my advisory but a teacher did squeeze me into a table. At least I had somewhere to sit! Right? After lunch we had our first activity and our second. Then it was already time for dinner! We had amazing garlic bread and pasta with a great sauce. Next, we headed back to our cabins and got ready for bed. When in the cabin we started a big game of telephone with everyone on the top bunks. That night I kept getting woken up by claps of thunder and lightning with the occasional loud blow of wind. Whenever I woke up my thoughts were: WHAT IF A TREE FALLS ON ME?!

There were a variety of activities at Camp Kirkwood. The kangaroo jump was SO FUN! It was basically a big colored blob but it was a cool blob. You jumped and jumped until it felt like you would go to the moon. The pool was another activity and this one wasn’t just our group it was also 4 and 6! (I was in 5). The V-swing was also really fun although I didn’t want to do it at first. The V-swing had two ropes that were attached to you and on the rope where your classmates were pulling you up there was a small green rope that you pulled to your stomach and then the latch snaps and you go flying across the sky. Oh and did I mention that the entire second day was filled with puddles and mud and wet shoes? Sounds great right? When headed back to go to dinner. After dinner they announced that two things would be going on: dodgeball and the movie The Lorax. I chose to go to The Lorax. But right as we got to the climax they stopped the movie and claimed we would finish in the morning. Do you want to know what happened at the end of the movie? Yeah, me too. 

On the last day everyone was excited to go home but we still had two more activities one including… BUBBLES! Yay bubbles! Hooray! Wait, you don’t know who Bubbles is do you? Well, Bubbles is the pig. Yes, you heard me right, the pig, the very cute pig in the Gaga pit. 

After that we all got on a bus and headed home. On the bus I thought about the trip. I remembered the food… no comment. I remembered waking up and looking out the window seeing water from the lake touching our cabin. But most of all I remember fun, bonding and hair braiding. Over all it was a fun experience.